How can I change my regular donation with you?

If your regular gift is paid by Standing Order you will need to get in touch directly with your bank. SLK is unable to make any changes for you. However, we would appreciate it if you could let us know if you do make any amendments, for example changing the account your donations are made from.

If you need to make any changes to your Direct Debit then we are able to action this for you, please get in touch with us here.


Can I donate to SLK by post?

Absolutely! Please send your cheque made payable to ‘School Lunches for Kamuli’ to:

School Lunches for Kamuli

47 Polton Road

Edinburgh EH18 1BH

Don’t forget to include your name and contact details and tell us how you raised the money, so we can send you a thank you.


What’s the best way to donate?

Please have a look at our How to Help page to make an online donation and find out other ways to donate. A regular donation is especially valuable, as it helps us to plan ahead. If you’re a UK taxpayer, SLK can make your donation worth 25% more at no cost to you through the government’s Gift Aid scheme.


What are the tax implications of making a donation to you?

This varies from country to country. In the UK, our charity can claim 25% tax back from the tax authorities when you make a donation and choose to allow us to claim Gift Aid.


Can I donate items like educational materials and clothing?

Yes. We welcome some of these items.

The schools we work with in Uganda have their own curriculum and school uniforms which means those in the UK are often unsuitable.

We sometimes have appeals for small items such as pens and pencils as these are cheap to transport when our charity visits the school. We aim to buy any other resources and supplies locally in order to help the local economy and communities.

We therefore rely on vital fundraising to deliver our programme as well as all the resources needed. You could sell your items for us on eBay instead at: Or if you’d like to find out more about helping by fundraising for us please contact us here.


Can I choose to donate money to a specific project or item?

Yes. You can donate to a specific project. Please contact us here to discuss this option further.


How much of my donation goes directly to help Ugandan children?

From every £1 of income raised until March 2017, we spent 93p on our programme in Kamuli and 7p on fundraising and governance/administrative costs. We are constantly seeking ways in which to reduce non-programme related costs and much is absorbed directly by our trustees.  No one in the UK or in Uganda is taking any salary or fee for the running the project.


How do you ensure that the money I give directly gets to Ugandan children and that security is not a problem?

SLK works directly with trusted people and communities with whom we build long term partnerships, not middlemen or governments. We send funds in local currency directly to the school on quarterly basis, based on budgets for specific purposes that we agree together. Our partners then ensure the funds are spent as they should, and monitor and report back on expenditure against budget using systems developed for this purpose.

The budget agreed with the education board is such that it just covers the costs of buying food for the children.  If all of the children are seen to be having food, then there will be no spare money.  Ugandan colleagues from the hospital next door are reporting to us regularly that all of the children in the school are eating at lunchtime. In addition, SLK have doctors and nurses from the UK who visit Kamuli twice a year and who have built good relationships with our partner school to ensure that the programme is running successfully.

All SLK members are governed by transparent principles and this, combined with our robust financial systems, mean that we don’t face direct problems with corruption.


I live outside the UK. How can I donate to you?

You can make a donation from anywhere in the world, regardless of your local currency or bank, as long as you use one of the cards accepted. You will be charged the local currency equivalent of the amount you choose to donate in GBP, which will be calculated by your bank.

In addition, if you are donating from a country outside the UK you should not select the Gift Aid option, unless you are a UK taxpayer.


Can I leave you a gift in my will?

Yes you can. Gifts in wills to charities are tax efficient. The threshold at which inheritance tax kicks in changes from time to time. But if your estate is going to attract inheritance tax, any gift you leave to SLK will be deducted from your estate before any tax liability is calculated. So, if your estate is £20,000 over the amount allowed as tax-free, and you leave SLK £2,000, then inheritance tax will only be payable on £18,000.

Your solicitor can help you to add a form called a codicil to your existing will. Don’t make changes yourself as it could render your existing will invalid if this isn’t done correctly.

The most important bits of information to include are our name, address and registered charity number:

School Lunches for Kamuli

47 Polton Road

Edinburgh EH18 1BH

Registered charity in Scotland (SC044592)


Our projects

What is the lunch that you provide?

The lunch is a mixture of beans, cornmeal, onions, oil, curry powder and a little salt. This ensures that there is a balance of starch, protein and fat in every lunch. Before we supported Kamuli schools, only some children received lunch and this was a type of porridge called ‘posho’, made largely of cornmeal. Now every child in the school also receives beans to enrich the posho and make it more nutritionally complete.


Where does SLK obtain ingredients for lunch in Africa?

All of the ingredients for lunch are purchased in Uganda through local wholesalers and producers.


Why don’t you also support boys’ schools?

SLK chose to initially support St Theresa’s school as it was clear from SLK’s sister charity The Ugandan Childbirth Injury Fund that low levels of education and poor nutrition commit young girls to a high risk of complications during childbirth. As SLK’s funds increase through your generous donations, we aim to support other schools, including boys’ schools in Kamuli.


Why don’t charities doing the same work merge together?

The huge scale of the nutritional and educational deficit in Africa means that inevitably there are many charities across the world trying to tackle it. However, attempting to merge these thousands of groups and work as one organisation would pose many challenges in logistics and practices, risking inefficiency.

There are already coalitions and networks that oversee the work of many of these charities. These help to eliminate overlap and duplication of effort in areas where more than one charity may be working, and create opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge and ideas.


Why don’t the schools or government provide what you are providing?

Universal Primary Education in Uganda is free but there are hidden costs which make the programme not entirely free and which can preclude children from poorer families attending school. One of these hidden costs is lunch. The Ugandan government is currently evaluating the impact of providing school lunches on education before considering any universal funding.


What is your longterm vision?

SLK hopes to extend support to other schools in Kamuli as our regular donations increase. SLK is also working to establish links between an Edinburgh school and St Theresa’s in Kamuli so that children in Scotland and Uganda can learn more about each other’s lives.


Where can I find updates about your projects?

Our newsletters can be found here. You can also ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and be kept up to date when we make regular posts.


Other topics

Is Kamuli School Lunches a registered charity?

Yes. School Lunches for Kamuli has been registered with The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) since January 2014. Our registration number is SC044592.


Does SLK have any political or religious affiliations?       

SLK has no political or religious affiliations. We work with schools to improve the health of poor schoolchildren in Uganda, working with the school and the community in close partnership to tackle the root causes of poor educational achievement.


How do you ensure financial accountability?

Our finances are audited annually by an independent auditor so as to comply with all relevant legislation. The audited financial statements are filed annually with the UK Charity Commissioners. A summary of our income and expenditure can be found here.

You can also contact us here if you wish a copy of our latest statement of account or a copy of our constitution.


How can I change my contact details?

If you need to update us about a change of contact details please get in touch with us here.


How can I volunteer with Kamuli School Lunches?

Yes. Please contact us here to discuss how you can help us fundraise and deliver our projects.


Can I sponsor a child?

We don’t run a child sponsorship scheme, but we would be delighted if you can make a regular donation and receive news of how your support is changing the lives of children in Kamuli.