On the 16th of June 2015, I will be heading out of Haddington on my bike to cycle to Vancouver!
Cycling first to Glasgow, I’ll fly out to Calgary and cycle through the Rockie Mountains to Vancouver on the West Coast of Canada. Covering 80-100km per day and over 1152km in total, the trip will last 15 days. I’ll be supported throughout by my friend Blair Winsor from Newfoundland (also on his bike),  and my family who live in British Columbia.
This is the trip I have been dreaming of all my Scottish life but being able to combine this experience with fundraising for Kamuli School Lunches is a real privilege. The need of these schoolchildren will keep me focussed through this challenge and keep my mind off the chaffing, the mosquitos and of course the bears….! We will be camping outdoors so a canister of bear spray will be first into my panniers before I set off!
I will be funding the entire trip expenses from my own pocket but would be hugely appreciative if you were able to support School Lunches for Kamuli by giving what you can using the ‘cycle’ donate button on the right. Every little helps, remember it only costs:
  • £1 ($1.80) to feed a child for a week,cycle button
  • £24 or $44 (this equals £1 or $1.80 for every 50km that I cycle) will feed a child for 6 months and,
  • if you felt able to commit to a donation of £5 ($9)/month (a couple of coffees, or a magazine or DVD rental), this would secure a child’s lunch longterm.
A huge thank you for visiting this page and giving what you can. Knowing you are supporting me will make every saddle-sore kilometre easier!!
Looking forward to seeing many of you on my journey!
Cheers, Gordon