St Theresa’s is one of the primary schools in Kamuli town for whom SLK have started to provide aid.  The Little Sisters of St. Francis established St. Theresa Lubaga Girls Day and Boarding Primary School in 1935. It became government aided in 1962. There are currently 904 students (100 boarders) taught by 17 teachers using 10 classrooms which are overcrowded and very basic, without even the basics for reading and writing.
In 2007 the school received government grants totaling 3,008,070 ($1,719). However funding remains very inadequate: the school does not have enough classrooms, dormitories, there is no dining hall, housing for teachers or adequate furnishing. In addition, the school needs to modernize its kitchen and add fencing.
Many children walk for miles to come to school, and many have not had breakfast before they arrive. Although some children can pay the fee for a basic lunch, a lot of children go hungry throughout the school day. The photos below show how basic the kitchen facilities are and how few bowls are put out for the children who can afford lunch.
Without food, learning is very difficult. Without learning, a successful future is impossible.

stT signoutside schoolclassrooomsoup bowlskitchen