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School Lunches for Kamuli – Our Message to You

We are all mothers from Edinburgh who cannot imagine having to send our children to school with no food to eat

TrusteesImagine how miserable hunger is for children and how much it affects learning

We believe passionately in the potential of all children and that education is key to them reaching it

Kamuli is a small town in Busoga region of eastern Uganda with a population of approximately 15,000.  The inhabitants work in agricultural based industries and are generally very poor.  The regional flag of Busoga has inspired the colour scheme for our logo!
The idea for the charity was formed during a visit to Uganda by Mhairi Collie.
Mhairi is an Edinburgh based surgeon who visits Kamuli once a year to undertake and teach specialist operations for women and children injured in childbirth.  During her stay in Kamuli, she visited the local girls’ school St Theresea’s.  Primary education is free in Uganda but families must pay for school lunches.  Most children live in small croft-like huts with their parents and will eat home-grown vegetables as their daily staple.  There is not ready money to take to school, or easily transportable food and snacks.  One third of the children attending school will be unable to bring money for food to school, and so will go hungry during the day.
It is very difficult for children to stay awake, concentrate, work or be happy when they are hungry.  Many children leave at midday or fall asleep.
It is distressing for the teachers who are unable to give food to hungry children.
Many of the women who develop fistulas are chronically malnourished and small for their age and this contributes to them suffering their injuries.  The girls are uneducated and once injured in childbirth become socially ostracised without the traditional role of wife and mother.
Our initial aim is simple – to provide St Thereasa’s school with £1,000 a month, so that all 750 children at the school can receive a basic nutritious lunch.  We have no administration costs and all work is done by volunteers, so almost every penny raised will go towards providing lunch for the girls.
Our trustees visit Kamuli several times a year and we have a robust contract with the school governors and head teacher to ensure no money can go astray or be used for other school projects.
In Uganda two contacts (retired NGO workers) have agreed to visit monthly to ensure that all funds donated have been used appropriately.
In the long term, we hope that more girls will be better nourished and educated.  Such a simple thing as a school lunch will help safeguard their education and future.

Just £1.00 will provide lunch for a child for a week.

Give them a better future.