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Good luck love Jim, Katie and Elvis! Puff, puff…

Good luck Aida! from Amanda Thomson

Good luck Aida from Karen Rome

Good Luck Aida – from Karen Rome;  A generous donation from Pierre Hool;  Good Luck Aida from Amanda Thomson;  Good Luck Aida from Cheryl Gray;  A generous donation from Shaun Kirtley;  A generous donation from Helen McEwan;  Run Aida RUUUUUUN!!!! From Caroline Meekin

good luck Mum, hope the jet lag doesn’t affect your running too much!! love Katie x;

Good luck love Jim, Katie and Elvis! Puff, puff…;

Good luck / great effort from Jen McGill;

A generous donation from Rosy Jones;

A generous donation from Sylvia Hamilton;

Good Luck – a generous donation from Ben Andrews

A very generous donation from Maureen Aitchison – thank you

Good luck Charlotte – great cause – may the wind be at your back! The Mcginnitys

Good luck Elaine and fellow puffers, hope the weather is kinder to you than it was on Elaine’s last marathon!! from Julie Philp

Good luck Ladies – great effort x From Elaine Dale

Good luck Al xx from Keith Pettigrew